Nov 12, 2013
Final Conference project HOPE in Vienna.

Feb 21, 2013
Visit to Mandecentret in Copenhague ...

Jun 4, 2012
First reports are here!!! Check Reports and find all the documents created by partners.

Dec 5, 2011
Kick-off meeting in Spain. Maria Jose Lopez Sanchez hosts this first meeting in Elche.

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The HOPE project website is for practitioners who help victims of abuse by offering vocational guidance and other support to help people back into work.

Unemployment is increasing across Europe. People who have no job are disadvantaged in many ways and at risk of being excluded from the other benefits of society. If they are also victims of abuse, it may be even more difficult to find and keep work. Specialist vocational guidance can provide the opportunity for people to have a new chance in the labour market.

What is abuse?

There are different types of abuse, including:

  • Structural, within the labour market (short-term contracts, low-paid jobs, hard working conditions, unsocial hours, discrimination, sexual harassment)
  • Physical (cruelty, violence)
  • Psychological (bullying, vilification)
  • Exclusion (low self-esteem, long term unemployment, poverty)
  • Discrimination (race, sex, religion)

In the HOPE project, we are not dealing with self abuse (alcohol, drugs) or abuse to children.

What can the HOPE project do?

The HOPE project is there to support people who assist and help victims of abuse through vocational guidance. The HOPE partners are experienced in developing training courses, materials, methods and ideas for specific practitioner groups. Practitioners may be paid workers or volunteers from a wide range of different organisations.

We will offer:

  • A free online course
  • Tools
  • Materials
  • Guides
  • National experience
  • Good practice
  • Networks
  • Strategic groups

Those who will use this website will be able to help people who have suffered abuse to develop the skills and confidence they need to change their lives, and to find and keep satisfying work.

Contact Info:
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Ms. Maria Jose Lopez
Dpt.of Economics Studies and Finance

Phone: (+34) 96 665 8662
Fax: (+34) 96 665 8564

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